Your billing has hidden treasure.

That's money you didn't even know you made!

We're the experts that can help you get it.

Revenue Mining & Review

Don't want to change your
existing billing team? That's fine.

Want to make sure you're not losing out on any hard-earned money? That's our job.

We made the whole process easy -->

1. Authorize the review by
signing the HIPAA agreement

2. We meet with your team (online & offline) and understand the processes that are used.

Using the existing systems and documents
that you’ll give us, we dive into your revenue trails and find all the money that’s been evading you.

Don’t worry, our team of Sherlocks will find
your hidden treasue for you!

3. Once the mining is done, we give you your treasure map - a detailed report on the money we have found and how to claim it!

4. No upfront costs!
You only pay us if we find you money!

- Regular monitoring of billing performance

- Weekly updates on findings

- Monthly meetings on optimizing billing

- Monitoring & sharing of trends and patterns

Trend Sharing

We have over 10 years of experience in Billing.

In our decade of increasing revenues for Doctors in America, we have collected a database of trends & patterns that help us pinpoint exactly where revenues can be raised.

As a Mantra client, you enter a community of "knowledge sharers" - that keeps everyone informed about newly discovered ways to maximize revenues and best practices to be used in billing!

Practice & Facility Billing

We've been doing this for over a decade, billing millions of dollars for our clients.

You want the best for your practice or facility and it's our job to give it you.

Our billing teams are highly capable and trained to maximize your revenues so that you can focus on saving lives!

- No upfront costs

- Rapid data migration* T & C Apply

- Customized billing solutions

- Personal billing manager for your account

- Latest & greatest in industry trends and best practices to maximize your revenue

Mobile Apps & Software

We studied at world-class engineering & business schools and fundamentally, we are technologists.

Our proprietary software and mobile apps are fine-tuned towards bringing the most efficiency and accuracy to your billing process.

Need a custom-made software or app for your practice? Have an idea you want tried out?
We're the guys you turn to. Yes, your billing company makes apps too. Just send us a mail!

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